School for Good and Evil

Book Name

School for Good and Evil


Soman Chainani

Book Description

Sophie and Agatha, best friends, both live in a village called Gavaldon. Every 4 years, two kids, boy and girl, both aged 12, are kidnapped by a dark figure and taken into the surrounding woods. The villagers have figured out due to clues and storybooks sent to the village bookshop that the kids are sent to the ‘School for Good and Evil’. Sophie, the lover of beauty and all things pretty, dreams of going to the School for Good and finding her perfect ending, while Agatha couldn’t care less about having an ending, with her ugly dress sense and her graveyard home. When the time comes, Sophie and Agatha are taken to the school. Everyone believes that Sophie will go to School for Good, and Agatha will go to the School for Evil. But when they each get dropped off into the opposite schools, what will happen? Will they be able to figure out how to get back to each other and find out their perfect endings?

Age Rating

11+ years

I think that this book would be for kids aged 11 onwards. This is because there is definitely a lot of romance in this book, and I think that kids below 11 shouldn’t be introduced this kind of content yet. There is also violence in the book, and I think that kids 11 and above will be able to read the violence, as it is depicted quite vividly. The ideas and concepts in this book are quite complicated and there is a lot of depth of understanding required to make sense of some of the paths. You also are required to keep some of the things the book introduces in the very beginning until the very end, and to remember some of those things requires deep understanding. I believe that kids 11 and above do have that depth of understanding required to make sense of the book.



There are many mentions of swords and fighting in the book. Also, there are violent uses of magic and while you read about the ‘Evil’ school, there are many mentions and uses of violence.



There really isn’t that much language in the book. Words like ‘crap’ or ‘shoot’ appear sometime , and rarely ‘shit’ is used, but other than that, there isn’t that much language.



A lot of this book revolves around romance. There is kissing, and dating, and asking out in around ¾ of the book.



This book is all about action. There are competitions with magic, magic-learning classes, time travel, mind readers, prophecies, magical beings, and so many more things that add up to give you a wonderful adrenaline rush.

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