So. B It

Book Name

So B. It


Sarah Weeks

Book Description

Heidi lives a rather eccentric lifestyle. With her affectionate neighbor Bernadette, and her mentally disabled mother, things tend to be a little chaotic, but Heidi has a lucky charm that steers their life back onto the right track. Heidi’s mother is only able to speak a few words, and Heidi and Bernadette keep a list tacked to a cabinet of all the words she is able to say. But when a new word pops up in her mother’s mind, Heidi’s want for it’s meaning will send her on a journey all over the country. Will she be able to find what the word ‘soof’ means and get back to her family safely?

Age Rating

10+ years

I think this book is appropriate for kids 10 years and above. I say this because the book does not consist of any violence or romance. It is a calm book. But there is the idea of people being mentally ill, going through hardships in their lives, and dying (but in the book, the person goes in their sleep, so it is not that brutal of a death) and I think kids below 10 years shouldn’t be introduced to this idea at their age. Of course, if the kid is ready for this kind of content, then they can read the book, but in my opinion, kids 10 years and older should read the book.



There is no violence in this book. There is a bit in the book about how Heidi is hungry and tired and feeling sad, but there is no violence.



There is no language in this book. No bad words at all.



There is no romance in the book. There is one part where Heidi wants to be with her friend because she misses him (who is a guy) but there is no actual romance in the book.



There is definitely action in this book, as it is about a young girl who goes traveling around the world to find the meaning of a word haunting her mother. It really is interesting, and you get a feeling of thrill when you read the book!

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