Recipe For Adventure – The Series!

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Book name

Recipe for Adventure: The Series!
  • Book 1: Naples!
  • Book 2: Paris
  • Book 3: Hong Kong!
  • Book 4: New Orleans!
  • Book 5: Rio!
  • Book 6: Hawaii!
  • Book 7: Miami!
  • Book 8: Philadelphia!


Giada de Laurentiis

(Award-winning chef and a judge on the show ‘Food Network Star.’)

Book Description

This series is about 2 kids, Alfredo Bertolizzi and Emilia Bertolizzi. Their ‘Zia’, which means aunt in Italian, comes to visit and stay with them. She is an amazing cook, and her food is like magic. Maybe even real magic! When Alfie and Emilia eat certain dishes of their aunt’s, they are transported to different places! Read the books to find out the adventures the kids have in those exciting places!

Age Rating


This book is for kids aged 8 and above. I think the reading level is just right for intermediate chapter book readers, but not too basic for kids a little more advanced. The story is also very interesting, so readers will stay hooked onto the books.

Good messages


There are definitely some good messages in this series, such as respecting food, having a good relationship with your sibling, teamwork, and some others.



This is a food and adventure series, and there is nothing violence-related in the series.



There are absolutely no swear words in this series, not even basic words such as ‘crap’ or ‘shoot’.



In one of the books (Recipe for Adventure: Hawaii!), there is a little bit of ‘likey’ stuff, but nothing extremely bad. It’s more of an introduction to books that have stuff like that.



This series is all about action! I don’t want to give away this fast-paced story, but there is sneaking into hotels, faking identities, and more!

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