Keeper of The Lost Cities

Book Name

Keeper of the Lost Cities

(Book 1 of 9: #8 and #9 have not come out yet.)


Shannon Messenger

Book Description

Sophie Foster can listen to other people’s thoughts. It’s a secret that she’s kept with her ever since she was 5 years old. This ability has made her feel alone in the world, even in her family. But when she meets Fitz, another young individual with the same ability as her, her world is turned upside-down. She is taken to a magical place, where her elders fine-tune her mysterious and powerful ability. But even in this supposedly safe haven, Sophie is in grave danger. Sophie’s mind has many secrets buried deep within it, and her enemies will do anything to get them. Read this exciting book to journey with Sophie on her adventures!

Age Rating


I think this book is for kids aged 11 and above. This is because there is the concept of magic in this book, which I think that young kids will enjoy, but there is also the idea of being separated from family, which is something that happens to the main character, kidnappers, people dying, and the idea of people losing their homes to fires. I think that these topics can be a little bit delicate with kids below the age of 10, so that is why I recommend having 11 years start reading these books.

Good Messages


This is because you are taught the value of having family, friends, and a stable life through the book, all of which Sophie struggles to have throughout the book. Seeing her struggle teaches others how important all of these things are.



This is because there are many cases where Sophie gets injured, and towards the end of the book, she is kidnapped and hurt. Also, there is a form of violence in the book called ‘fading’ in which a person starts to fade away, and eventually dies.



There are no bad words in this book.



There is no romance in this book. Sophie only develops some crush-like feelings for a boy.

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