The Candymakers

Book Name

The Candymaker

Author Name

Wendy Mass

Book Description

The Candymakers is about four kids, all from different backgrounds, competing in a candy competition. Logan is the son of the Candymaker, and he lives at the factory at which the competition is to be hosted. Logan has been surrounded by candy all his life, and his father and grandfather have been winners of previous seasons of the competition, so there is some pressure on Logan to win the competition. He has also been homeschooled his entire life, so his interactions with other kids have been very limited. When the other contestants arrive, they seem quite friendly to Logan, so he isn’t quite worried. But as the competition progresses on, Logan finds some threats in their behavior that may make him have to keep a better eye on the prize. Who will win the competition? What secrets are the contestants hiding? And who is trying to steal the factory’s secret ingredient?

Age Rating


I think kids aged 9 and above can read this book. I think this because there is not really any kind of violence or romance in this book. Also, it is filled with mystery and action, which I think pre-teens will enjoy.

Good Messages


In the book, at one point, all the kids have to work together a LOT, so that plays a big role in giving kids the message of teamwork.



There is no violence in this book.



There are no bad words in this book.



There is no romance in this book.

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