Nooks and Crannies

Book Name

Nooks and Crannies


Jessica Lawson

Book Description

Tabitha Crum is a young girl that loves mystery novels and solving mysteries. Her only friend is her pet mouse Pemberley and she shares her small and cramped attic room with him. Though all in Tabitha’s world seems dark, she keeps a small flicker of hope for a happier life burning inside of her that keeps her going. One day, Tabitha receives an invitation to the grand manor of the mystical Countess of Windermere, whose mansion is rumored to be haunted. When she reaches there, she finds out that five other children like herself received invitations as well, and none of them have any idea why they were called. But when the Countess reveals a secret to the children and a terrible incident occurs in the Countess’s home, the lives of all the children will change dramatically and Tabitha’s detective skills will come out to solve the biggest case of her life.

Age Rating


I think kids aged 10 and above can read this book because even though there is a murder in this book, there are no gory details of how it happened. There is also a ghost in this book, but it is portrayed as a nice ghost. Other than that there, the book is mostly a mystery solving book.

Good Messages


There are a lot of good messages in this book. Since Tabitha does not have the happiest life, but she keeps a positive attitude all the time, and she always manages to find happiness even in the darkest situations.



There is some violence in this book. There is a murder at the start of the book and there is the supposed ‘kidnapping’ of the children (though it really isn’t a kidnapping; read the book to find out where they really are ;)) and towards the end, Tabitha does see the body of the murdered person (not really violence, but just wanted to mention it).



There aren’t that many bad words, just some like ‘shoot’ but nothing worse.



There is no romance in this book at all. At times Tabitha struggles to talk to a boy, but that is only because she does not have any friends and she does not know how to talk to other people that well.

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