The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge

Book Name

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge


M.T Anderson and Eugene Yelchin

Book Description

This book is about two different lands – the land of the Goblins and the land of the Elves. The Goblins and the Elves have been enemies since forever, and at a point, they got into a war that lasted many years. This story begins by telling us about Brangwain Spurge, an elf who is sent to the kingdom of the Goblins with an important and historical artifact that they elfin government believes will bring peace between the two kingdoms. In the goblin kingdom, Archivist Werfel is the goblin that has been put in charge of showing Brangwain around his land. The story goes on to tell us about all the mishaps that the duo get into. Who is the goblin’s mysterious king? What are the real and secret intentions of the elfin government for the land of the Goblins? And why does Brangwain’s boss keep getting his fingers chopped off? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


I think kids aged 11 and above can read this book because it doesn’t have any HUGE amounts of violence. There is, however, artwork in the book, and it is a little strange and creepy. If the child is easily creeped out, then maybe check out the artwork yourself before letting your child read it as parts of the story are told in the form of artwork and skipping those can lead to confusion while reading the book.

Good Messages


The good messages in this book revolve around not giving up because many times in the book, the duo run into trouble, but they still keep going. There is also the message of friendship in the book.



There isn’t that much violence in this book. There are mentions of Spurge’s boss getting his fingers chopped off, and some stories about how terrible the war was, there isn’t that much violence.



There is no bad language in this book. (Note: There is a part where it goes: ^“you are…” and he started loudly cussing^ but no actual swear words are used)



There are mentions of the goblin’s dead girlfriend and sadness that he feels when he remembers her, but nothing other than that.

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