The Enemy: Detroit, 1954

Book Name

The Enemy: Detroit, 1954


Sara Holbrook

Book Description

It’s 1954 and World War II is over, but the Cold war has started. Marjorie Campbell lives in a world haunted by memories of the dreadful war and where her country (USA) is threatened by the Soviet Union. However, the Soviet Union isn’t the only enemy that Marjorie needs to worry about. Problems arise at school as well. Marjorie’s friend Bernadette domineers in their friendship and that causes Marjorie to worry about upsetting her when she starts a friendship with the new girl at school, Inga. With Marjorie’s neighborhood and family separating into two sides over conflicts about the Cold War, Marjorie must discover who she really is and stand up for her beliefs.

Age Rating


This book is appropriate for 11-year-olds as even though it takes place in a time of war, there are no descriptions of any fights or scenes from the war. It is also rather informational, as kids get to know about World War II and the Cold War. Kids also learn about friendships, and that is important at the age of 11 as most kids are going into middle school at this time.

Good Messages


This book has a lot of good messages, some of which include the importance of family and friendship, standing up for yourself, being nice to everyone, no matter their background and many more.



There is no first-person violence in this book, but there are some mentions of the war and one character gets into an accident.



There is no bad language, but while reading, the author gives hints that some of the characters might be ‘grumbling’.



Marjorie has a small crush on one of her classmates, but there is nothing other than that.

Hey guys! Tvix here. Sorry for posting after so long! I have been SO SUPER busy with school and extra curricular activities, that I literally have had no time to post. No need to worry, however, I have calmed my schedule down, and I will be having a lot more time to post reviews. HURRAH!! Keep a look out for more reviews of awesome books coming up!

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