The Elite

Book Name

The Elite


Kiera Cass

Book Description

The Selection began with 35 girls. Now only six remain. The Elite. America Singer is part of the remaining six girls, and while she wanted nothing to do with the Selection in the beginning, she now competes to win the position of ‘Princess of Illéa’, and to wed Prince Maxon. Maxon and America become closer and closer to each other as the competition goes on, but when America’s first love, Aspen, becomes a guard at the palace, she feels all of her feelings for him rushing back. This turn of events causes America to become lost with her feelings, which further causes her to lose whatever lead she had in the competition. On top of all of this, rebels from the South and the North constantly attack the Royals, causing major disruption in the competition. Will America be able to figure out where her heart lies and win the competition? Or will she let the pressure get to her and be eliminated? Find out in the book!

Age Rating


This book is perfect for teenage girls who are looking for a high-intensity fantasy book. However, it contains some content that is inappropriate for younger kids. There is a lot of kissing and romance, and there is also a good amount of violence. There is also a small mention of an adult topic that younger might not have been exposed to yet. Nonetheless, this book is an exciting read for kids who are ready for it.

Good Messages


There are quite a few good messages that can be taken away from this book. Readers learn the value of family, as America gets to meet her family after a long time in the book, and her reaction can make one realize how important family for one’s happiness. Sibling love can also be learned here, as when America has always been close to her sister, and when she meets her, they get along like a house on fire. Another message that can be learned is standing up for friends, as America makes a very good friend named Marlee. But when Marlee is punished for breaking a rule, America fights with all her power to save her and this shows how important being there for friends is. Other messages that are present in the book are friendship, following rules, maintaining trust, keeping your calm, and more.



There is quite a bit of violence in this book. The rebels, who are people who dislike the government of Illéa, attack the palace quite a few times, and they do a lot of damage to the walls. There are casualties, and the author tells the reader what they were. At one point, they kidnap and kill the sister of one of the Elite. Marlee, one of the Elite, is found breaking the rules, and she and another person are brutally whipped for their misbehavior. The author describes their wounds in some detail and the description is somewhat off-putting. The prince is abused by his father and the author describes what his wounds are in detail. She mentions blood in her description as well.



There is very little bad language in this book. In one scene, one of the characters says the word ‘whore’.



There is a lot of romance in this book. Maxon, the prince, and America share a close moment and the author describes what happens at that moment (romantically). One of the other Elite also shares a close moment with Maxon, and the author describes what happens at that moment (romantically) in quite some detail. There is a lot of kissing and mentions of dates.

Adult Topics


There are not many adult topics in this book. However, there is one case in the book where the characters, while the author does not explicitly state it, talk about having sex and what it is like. It is very subtle, but it is present.

Tvix’s Take

Since I enjoyed the first book so much, I was really hoping that this book would be just as good. And I have to say, it really was. Most of the series have not-so-great second books, but this one? Fantastic. I was totally addicted to it, and could once again not put it down. The story was amazing, and it actually brought in some other parts that were a great addition. I was not expecting the whole ordeal with Marlee, so that was a really great twist. Great book, worth reading as a sequel!

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