The One

Book Name

The One


Kiera Cass

Book Description

The Selection started off with 35 girls, all eager to win Prince Maxon of Illéa’s hand and the position of ‘Princess of Illéa’. Now, as the competition comes to an end, the four remaining girls must work hard to please Maxon as best they can to win. America Singer is one of the remaining girls, and while the connection between her and the prince is special, her mistakes cause her to be on rough grounds with the king. On top of that, attacks from rebels continue to get worse, and she struggles to find a solution to help the royals calm them down so that nobody else loses their life. Will America be able to come out on top and become Queen of Illéa? Or will she succumb to the challenges and get kicked out of the competition by King Clarkson?

Age Rating


This book is perfect for anyone wanting to read something filled with tension, action, and swoon. However, it does contain a lot of kissing and romantic moments. There are some topics that would be inappropriate for younger kids and quite a bit of violence in the book as well. Aside from that, the book is an absolutely spectacular read; for the right ages, of course.

Good Messages


One can take away some good messages from this book. Through America’s determination to find a solution to the rebel attacks, one learns the lesson of determination. Through America’s father’s death, one learns the value of family. Through Kota’s (America’s brother) ungratefulness for what his father left him, one learns the lesson of being grateful. There are many other such lessons in the book.



There is some violence in this book. The rebel attacks get worse, and the author mentions a death toll. America and Maxon are attacked once when they are outside the palace, and America gets shot. The rebels attack the palace twice, and the first time, it is not that bad, but the second time it gets worse. The author gives details of what happens in the attack, such as rebels shooting someone straight in the head and Maxon’s wounds. There is a lot of gun usage.



The only bad word to be used is ‘hell’.



There is quite a bit of romance in this book. America and Maxon share a close moment in which the author gives details about how they act with each other. There is a lot of kissing in the book. When Maxon secretly tells America that he is going to propose to her, they have a very close moment in which undressing happens. Talk of marriage and love happens, and towards the end, Maxon asks America to marry him. Their marriage is also included in the book. 

Adult Topics


While no sex takes place in the book, towards the end, the author gives a subtle hint towards it happening after America and Maxon get married. Twice in the book, America and Maxon get very close to having sex, but it doesn’t happen. Only mature minds are able to realize this.

Tvix’s Take

This book was awesome. The author kept her energy up and produced an amazing end to America and Maxon’s story. There was a plot twist at the end that shocked me – I was NOT expecting that. I don’t want to give it away, but let me just say – Ms. Cass, good job. That absolutely kept me hooked on. Overall, this book was a great one, and I would definitely suggest that one keeps on reading through the series to get to it.

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