Book Name



Veronica Roth

Book Description

The Dauntless. The Abnegation. The Candor, Amity, and Erudite. These are the factions that everyone in the future is used to living in. But everything has changed now. Ever since the attack on the Abnegation, everyone lives in constant fear of an attack. Tris is alive, despite the attack, but she lives in constant guilt of killing people. She and her fellow allies want nothing more than to take the Erudite down. But as more of the truth about the factions, the Divergent, and the world they live in comes out, Tris’s intentions begin to change. Will Tris take the right step and manage to save everyone? Or will the Erudite manage to finally take everyone down? And what is Erudite hiding from everybody? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


This book has many topics that wouldn’t be suitable for young children. Firstly, there is a lot of usage of weapons in this book. There is talk of the factionless, who are basically homeless people. Tobias (Four) has a severe hatred against his father and even beats him up. This can give younger children the wrong idea that they can go against their parents, which is definitely an incorrect lesson. Tris almost suicides, and that isn’t an idea that younger children should be exposed to. There is a lot more romance and violence (details down below). There is some usage of a drug of sorts, that the Amity use to make their members peaceful. A lot of people die in this book. Younger children may get scared of these ideas, but older children will be better at taking these ideas and connecting them to the book. They most likely will all be exposed to the ideas in this book already so they won’t get scared. Also, there is a lot more intellectual stuff in this book. Tris and her friends uncover some history and readers will need to connect many ideas together to things in the previous and current book. Younger kids may not be able to complete this connection, so they will struggle to understand the book. Older kids will be able to connect ideas better, so they can understand the book.

Good Messages


There are quite a few good messages in this book. Some of them include determination (seen through Tris and her friend’s determination to find out what the Erudite are hiding and their determination to succeed in their goals), family value (seen when Tris misses her family and is willing to do anything to avenge their death), and putting other’s needs before your own (seen when Tris gives herself up to the Erudite so that no one else will have to).



There is a lot of violence in this book. There are fight scenes, usages of guns, multiple mentions of dead people, detailed descriptions of injuries, and other things. Tris almost suicides at one point, and people are mentally tortured. People are shot with needles and are controlled by the Erudite to kill and harm people. Towards the end of the book, there is a video that is shown that explains why the factions and the world that everyone lives in exists, and in it, there are pictures of a world that contain many dead bodies. The above descriptions are all that the violence contains, but the frequency of these things is a lot, which is why the rating is so high.



There aren’t any severe bad words used, just words like ‘shut up’, ‘stupid’, ‘hell’, ‘jerk’, and ‘idiot’.



This book has some romance. Tris and Four kiss many times and several of those instances involve passionate kissing. Other characters are ‘together’, and they also kiss and hug. The amount of times that the kissing happens is frequent, though.

Adult Topics

The Amity uses a drug of some kind to keep their members peaceful, and some of the characters drink alcohol.

Tvix’s Take

This book was a great sequel to the first one! It picked up right where ‘Divergent’ left off, so it felt like you were jumping right back in. This book advanced the idea of ‘Divergent’ and started focusing on how the factions come to be, what Divergent really is, and why Erudite is attacking and destroying the city? I will say though – the book got a little boring. I wasn’t as hooked on as I was in the first book. Nonetheless, this book was really good, and I would definitely suggest that people read it!

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