5 Books You Should Read to Help You Survive 6th Grade

6th grade can be hard. A new school, new teachers, new classmates, harder studies; it’s all pretty difficult. However, amidst all the test studying and homework, we all need some relaxation. Here are five books that I was always ready to pick up if I wanted to relax throughout 6th grade:

  1. Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave Jen White

This book is about two young girls – twelve-year-old Liberty and eight-year-old Billie – who are sent to live with their father after the tragic death of their mother. The two girls haven’t seen their father since he left their family, which was when Liberty was a preschooler, so they are both excited and nervous to meet him. Everything seems to be going fine, but all of a sudden, their father abandons them at a gas station, and it is up to Liberty to keep herself and her sister healthy and alive until she gets them both to safety. This is the perfect book to read if you’re feeling a little adventurous and in the mood for an adrenaline rush. It’s a great book for adventure lovers!

  1. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s LibraryChris Grabenstein

Kyle Keeley is a lover of games. Video games, board games, hand games – you name it, he probably already plays it. When his hero, Luigi Lemoncello, the most famous game creator in the world, comes to town and opens up a new library, Kyle didn’t think he could be happier. Except for when a competition to be the first 12 kids to spend the night in the new library comes up. Kyle enters and is selected and ecstatic. When the night is over, the kids ready themselves to go home. But when the doors turn out to be locked, Kyle must team up with the other kids in the library to break out and win the ultimate prize of the game. And trust me, it’s no little prize. I have read this book well over a hundred times, as I absolutely LOVE this book! It’s funny, entertaining, mysterious and will always give you that shiver of anticipation. It is perfect for mystery lovers and anyone looking to read a fun-filled book!

  1. The World’s Greatest DetectiveCaroline Carlson

Toby Montrose lives on Detective’s Row – which is exactly what it sounds like. A row full of detective agencies, some great, some not so much. Unfortunately, Toby’s uncle’s detective business isn’t one of the best on the Row. But when the best detective in the world (Hugh Abernathy) holds a competition to decide who gets the title of ‘World’s Greatest Detective’, Toby sees an opportunity, and he decides to enter it. But when what starts out as a friendly game turns into a murder mystery, it is up to Toby to crack it and find out the secrets that lie behind the murder. This book is a super great book for anyone that likes a murder mystery. It’s light and friendly but also has a great plot. Definitely recommended to all mystery lovers!

  1. The Candymakers – Wendy Mass

All kids love candy, and it is the job of Life is Sweet Candy Factory to make candy that all kids adore. Logan Sweet is the son of the Candymaker, and sweets are in his blood. He lives at the factory and helps his parents out as much as he can. When the Confectionary Association holds a contest to see who can come up with the best new candy, Logan and 3 other children (Daisy, Miles, and Philip) enter in it along with many others with high hopes to win. But when all 3 children arrive at the Life is Sweet factory to train in candy making, not all is as sweet as it seems. All of the children have something mysterious about them and on top of that, there are rumors that someone is coming to steal the Life is Sweet factory’s secret ingredient and sabotage them. It is up to the four children to save the factory and win the contest! This book is super fun and has a great mystery around it. There were so many twists in it that I wasn’t expecting, and they added a new level of suspense to the story. I have read this book many, many times, and I have loved it each time. The perfect book for people who like to read adventure and mystery.

  1. Book Scavenger – Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Emily is super excited to be moving to San Francisco. Mainly because it’s the home of her idol – Garrison Griswold, an author and the creator of Book Scavenger, a game in which books are hidden in cities and people and people can find clues to find them through puzzles. She is excited to get back into a game she knows will be spectacular. However, when she arrives, she finds out that Griswold is in a coma because of an attack on him, and that nobody knows anything about the new game that he was about to launch. But when Emily and her new friend James discover a strange book, they start to realize that it may have come from Griswold himself, and may contain the only copy of his new game. It is up to Emily and James to figure out the secret of the new game before the person who attacked Griswold comes after them next. This book is one of my personal favorites. I must have read it every other week in sixth grade because I loved it that much. It is filled with mystery and suspense, and I would absolutely recommend that any sixth-grader read this.

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