All Your Twisted Secrets

Book Name

All Your Twisted Secrets


Diana Urban

Book Description

Winning a scholarship has got to be the best feeling in the world. However, it’s not for six students, who all get invited to a scholarship dinner, but are then locked in the room with a bomb, with a note saying that they have one hour to kill one of the six, or else they all die. Amber Prescott, a music prodigy and one of the students invited to the dinner, is steadfast in her decision to try and get everyone out of the room alive. But as the hour passes on, more and more hidden secrets start to come up, and this does nothing but add panic to the minds of the six as they try to make their decision as to who will die. Will everyone be able to get out alive but a little more exposed? Or will one person die along with their secrets? Find out by reading the book!

Age Rating


This book has a lot of topics that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger kids. The violence, romance, and adult topic content in this book (all detailed below) are only to be read by very mature minds, and younger children may misinterpret the content in a negative way. There is also a lot of switching between present and past perspectives, and younger readers may get confused or not be able to keep up with the ideas being introduced through each perspective. The topic of revenge is quite prominent in the book as well, and young readers shouldn’t feel motivated to take revenge, as, towards the end of the story, there is an undesired outcome because of it. Overall, the book would be better suited for more mature readers, ones that are 15 and above.

Good Messages


There are a few good messages in this book. Some of them include determination (seen through the characters determined feelings to get into good colleges), the importance of calmness (seen through what happens when a character isn’t calm when they get locked in the room), the importance of keeping good friendships (seen through what happens when Amber lets go of one), and more.



There is definitely some violent content in the book. Firstly, there a bomb in the room that the characters are locked in that could go off at any moment. While the characters are locked in the room, they try to break out by punching and using furniture to break windows. One character slips and falls and is injured quite badly and the injuries are described in detail. There are some fights that go on as well. Throughout the book, people try to plunge the syringe with the toxin into people. Towards the end of the story, one girl gets stabbed and dies.


Usage: 6/10
Intensity: 8/10

There is quite a lot of usage of bad words in the book. Some of the used words include ‘cr*p’, ‘bullsh*t’, ‘h*ll’, the f-word, ‘d*mmit’, ‘sh*t’, ‘b*tches’, ‘a**holes’, ‘godd*mn’, ‘d*mn’, ‘h*te’, ‘bada**’ and ‘pi**ed’. The intensity is a lot, and the words are used a frequent amount in the book.



There is some romantic content in this book. A relationship forms during the book, and we see the characters through every stage of it. Flirting and kissing take place. Some of the kissing is quite passionate and described in detail. (sexual content described below)

Adult Topics

There are a lot of adult topics in this book. At the start of the book, cigarettes are mentioned, and later in the book, we see a kid smoking one. High school students drink alcohol and do drugs. One student even gets high. Drug dealing occurs, and the author mentions the names of some drugs, such as weed, opioids, and speed. Suicide is mentioned as well.

Tvix’s Take

OHHHHH WOAH. This book was the perfect one for me, someone who loves to read thriller and mystery. There was always some kind of drama going on in this book, and I really like how the author switched from past to present. That way, we got some of the backstories along with the present panic. There were soooo many secrets in this book. I never felt like it was excessive, though, because they contributed the right amount of energy to the story. The plot twist at the end!!! NOT expecting that. I was completely thrown off. Like, TOTALLY shocked. And that coming from somebody like me, who is generally really good at detecting plot twists, is a huge statement. I would honestly encourage people just to stay for the plot twist because it will definitely throw you off. Overall, this book was SPECTACULAR, and I am absolutely going to recommend this to people.

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