Every Last Word

Book Name

Every Last Word


Tamara Ireland Stone

Book Description

Samantha seems to be a normal girl on the outside. A great group of friends, on her way to getting a swimming scholarship, and popular at her high school. But what nobody sees is that Sam is nothing like the others. She suffers from severe OCD, and this affects every aspect of her life. From having to drive around the block a specific number of times so that her car’s odometer lands on 3 to going down spirals of negative thoughts, Sam is always struggling to maintain her image of normality. Until she meets Caroline, a student at her high school, who introduces her to something that changes her life forever. Will Sam be able to survive with her OCD and not let it affect her as much? Or will she be unable to do so? Find out by reading the book!

Age Rating


This book is for readers that are aged 15 or above. Younger readers may not quite understand the depth of the topic of OCD, and may not be able to get the full impact of the message. The adult topics in this novel are also to be avoided by younger readers.

Good Messages


This novel has a lot of good messages. Some of them include persevering through difficult situations, being courageous, and more.



Suicide is mentioned, and at the start of the novel, the main character thinks about stabbing people with scissors.


Intensity: 4/10
Usage: 3/10

Words such as the f-word, b*tch, s**t, and a**hole are used.



Relationships are mentioned in the novel. Sam and another character begin dating and they kiss a lot, often intensely. Detailed descriptions of these makeout sessions are mentioned.

Adult Topics

Sam and another character have sex, and suicide is mentioned as well.

Tvix’s Take

Wow. Just wow. I absolutely loved this book. It was beautifully written. This book was especially good for me because I resonated so strongly with it. I also went through a really horrible bout of OCD and hid it from everyone because I was terrified of judgment and it was super interesting to see a story that actually talked about this from such a different perspective. The plot twist at the end COMPLETELY shocked me. I was not expecting that at all, and I was thrown off by it. I finished this novel in one night and would DEFINITELY recommend this to people, especially if they are struggling with topics such as OCD and friendship. 

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