Six Of Crows


Book Name

Six of Crows


Leigh Bardugo

Book Description

Kaz Brekker is known as Ketterdam’s criminal prodigy. If there’s one person that needs to be feared, it’s Kaz. When Kaz is offered the heist of his dreams, one that could make him extremely rich, he decides to take it. But it won’t be easy. He and his crew have to break into the most heavily protected prison in their area in order to get their prize. Will they be able to do this without getting caught and win their prize? Or will they be imprisoned in the dark depths of the prison they are trying to break into? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


This book is appropriate for readers above the age of 14. This is because while there isn’t a lot of adult content, there is a lot of violence in the novel (details below). This can be scary to some younger readers. There is also a lot of tragedy that is mentioned, which can be off-putting to some younger readers. Some of the concepts can also be confusing for younger readers and there is a lot of connection of topics that have to happen which is better done by more mature readers. Brothels are also mentioned a various number of times, which is a topic that young readers shouldn’t be exposed to.

Good Messages


There aren’t a lot of good messages in this novel, but the ones that do exist include motivation and perseverance (seen through the characters’ constant work towards their goal).



There is quite a bit of violence in this novel. There is a scene where two sides get into a fight with guns and bombs. Blood and injuries are mentioned as well. Some of the crew members are magical and they have powers that can greatly injure other people. One of the members has the ability to manipulate the hearts of other people and another has the ability to suck the blood out of people. Vivid descriptions of various other injuries are described as well, such as stabbing, blinding of people, and more.


Intensity: 7/10
Usage: 5/10

This novel has some bad language, including words like the f-word, a**, d*mn, he**, b**ches, and more.



There is not a lot of romantic content in this novel. Readers see love interests between a couple of the characters and some flirting, but not a lot more. There is also some flirting between two of the male characters.

Adult Topics

There is not a lot of adult content in this novel, but there are a few things. Brothels are mentioned various times during the story, and men are seen to be talking about women as objects. There is one scene where two characters of opposite genders remove their clothes in order to avoid hypothermia.

Tvix’s Take

I decided to finally read this popular novel because I thought that it was about time I got caught up on it! I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting but I do have to say that I enjoyed it. It was a little boring at times, but ultimately, it was a good mix of action, mystery, and thriller, genres that I enjoy a lot (as you can tell from the books I write reviews about)! Would I recommend this to other people? Hmm, that’s tricky. I would recommend this to people just because it’s a popular book, but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the content. I feel like this book is just a little overrated and didn’t really deliver on the thriller aspect I was expecting. But I enjoyed reading it!

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