This Is Our Story

Book Name

This Is Our Story


Ashley Elston

Book Description

The River Point Boys. Grant, Logan, John Michael, Steph, and Henry. Best friends since forever. The shining stars of the private school they go to, everyone envies their friendship. That is until the five of them go into the woods to hunt, and only four of them come back out. When Grant is shot, all of the other boys are suspects, because the evidence could prove that any one of them may have done it. Kate Marino, an intern at the district attorney’s office and the person working with the person in charge of the boys’ case, wants justice for Grant for her own personal reasons, so when the DA implies that the case should be swept under the rug, Kate makes sure that the case is thoroughly worked upon by her and her team. But as Kate ventures deeper and deeper into the case, she finds things that change her perception of Grant, the boys, and everything related to the case, and it is up to her to work through all the obstacles she faces to find out who the true murderer is. Will Kate be able to solve the case? Or will she remain confused? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


This book is only appropriate for readers aged 16 and above. This is because there are quite a few adult topics and other things within the book (all detailed below). The whole topic of murder can be a sensitive one to younger readers, so it may be best for them to avoid the topic. Additionally, the thought that a friend may murder you (while this is rare, it is a topic within this book) can really scare younger readers, who may have wilder imaginations, and it may be best for them to avoid this idea.

Good Messages


There are a few good messages in this book. Some of them include loyalty (seen through the boys’ loyalty to each other even though it is in a bad way) and dedication to a cause (seen through Kate’s dedication to the case).



This novel definitely has some violence in it. The whole book is about a murder and the boys in the book get into shoving fights a couple of times.


Intensity: 8/10
Usage: 5/10

There is quite a bit of bad language utilized in this novel. Words used include the f-word, h*ll, a**, a**hole, p*ssed, d*ck, bullsh*t, d*mn and s*xy. There is also a scene where one of the characters raises his middle finger to the world.



There is definitely some romance in this novel. Kate and another boy catch feelings for each other, and there are multiple descriptions of make-out sessions that go on between them. There are also talks about other boys being in relationships. Kate becomes jealous when she sees one of the boys with another girl.

Adult Topics

There are definitely some adult topics in this book that a reader should be aware of. There are multiple mentions of drinking and drugs, and one of the boys is a ‘dealer’ – in other words, if someone wants to get drugs, they go to this boy. One of the boys asks Kate for nudes as well. A graphic picture of naked girls is circulated around the internet, and there is talk of sports betting and drug deals. There is a competition that goes on between the juniors and seniors of a school, and some of the pranks they do get out of hand. A few girls are also given the date-rape drug.

Tvix’s Take

This book is probably one of the greatest thriller novels I’ve read. The author has an amazing way with words that really made the mystery come to life and kept the reader guessing to the end. The way the emotions were channeled throughout the novel really made the reader feel exactly what Kate felt, especially her frustration. I think that the plot twists that took place were not predictable whatsoever, and it only made the story even better. The ending was definitely difficult to understand because of the way the mystery was solved. It took me a few reads to understand the way Kate solved the mystery, but when I did, I was absolutely speechless because it was ingenious. The way the mystery progressed was wonderful, and I truly enjoyed this read. I finished this novel in one sitting. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this book to any reader, regardless of what genre they like to read. It was great!

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