Nobody Knows But You

Book Name

Nobody Knows But You


Anica Mrose Rissi

Book Description

Camp was supposed to be a fun experience. And it was, at least for Kayla and Elaine, two girls who instantly became close once they got there. Until Jackson, Elaine’s summer boyfriend, gets murdered and Elaine is named as the murderer. Kayla’s whole world is flipped upside down. Through letters that Elaine will never read, Kayla narrates her emotions and tries to recap the events leading up to the dreadful event, trying to figure out herself who the murderer is and how to clear Lainie (Elaine’s nickname) name. Will Kayla be able to figure it out? Or will she only be able to remember Elaine through her memory and prison visits? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


This book is appropriate for readers aged 16 or above. This is because there are some adult topics and romantic topics (detailed below) that younger readers shouldn’t be exposed to. Additionally, the entire story revolves around the idea of murder, something that can be scary to younger readers. The entire format is quite confusing and it takes some effort to keep track of the perspectives, the tense of a particular part, and what is real versus something that Kayla believes, and all of this can be difficult for a younger reader to do, so they may end up not understanding the story.

Good Messages


There aren’t a lot of good messages in this novel, and quite frankly, the ultimate message of the book is bad.



There isn’t too much violence in this book. There is the topic of murder and there are verbal fights that happen between Jackson and Elaine, but not much else.


Intensity: 7/10
Usage: 6/10

There is definitely a lot of bad language in this novel which is used fairly frequently. Some of the words used include variations of the f-word, sh*t, b*tch, d*ck, and more.



There is definitely quite a bit of romance in this novel. Jackson and Elaine’s relationship is one of the primary focuses of this novel. Kissing and touching are mentioned as well.

Adult Topics

There are a few adult topics mentioned within this book. Hooking up/sex is mentioned, and related topics are mentioned as well. Rape and groping are mentioned as well. Racism is mentioned as well, as someone with darker skin color is questioned more by the police just because of their skin color.

Tvix’s Take

For a thriller lover, I do have to say that this book was a little slow. I definitely considered quitting the read multiple times. Personally, I don’t love the letter format of novels, as I would rather read something that is from a third-person perspective. Also, I felt as though the story was rather scattered. So it was definitely not my favorite thriller novel. However, I stuck it out because I really needed to know who the killer was. When I found out, I was honestly pretty surprised. I feel like some people could say that it was predictable, it definitely wasn’t for me. Overall, this novel was slow and not the most interesting, so if people were to ask me for thriller recommendations, I wouldn’t tell them about this book.

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