It Ends With Us

Book Name

It Ends With Us


Colleen Hoover

Book Description

Lily Bloom’s new life in Boston is fantastic. After years of living in an abusive household, she finds herself running a successful business, surrounded by adoring friends, and dating the most beautiful, loving man she’s ever met. That’s until Ryle reveals a darker side of him that Lily had never anticipated. And as Lily’s past begins to catch up to her, it threatens to topple everything that she has built for herself. Will Lily be able to get herself out of her dangerous situation? Or will she succumb to the perils around her? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


This book is one that is for readers above the age of 18, as it contains a lot of adult material. There is a ton of sexual content within the novel (detailed below), and the book centers around the topic of domestic abuse. Abuse scenes are graphically described and can be disturbing at times. Additionally, domestic abuse is an adult topic, one that requires mature mindsets to understand, and younger readers may not truly comprehend the contents of this novel. Homelessness and strained family relationships are talked about within this book as well, something that younger readers may not fully comprehend.

Good Messages


While this novel is filled with troublesome topics, readers learn vital lessons from the experiences of the main characters. Domestic abuse situations are often misunderstood by society, and Hoover’s novel aims to tackle and clear up these misconceptions. A common question posed by outsiders in society to those in abusive relationships is, “Why don’t you just leave?” Hoover’s novel dissects this question in-depth, and reveals why leaving, at times, isn’t an option, and why victims stay. Additionally, through Lily’s experiences and past, Hoover provides details about abusive relationships, what victims have to endure, and the immense strength required by them.

This novel reveals the importance of compassion and self-dependence as well. The compassion Lily showed in her past to the people around her benefits her in her future, and this is bolstered by her independence, as her business is what gives her a way out of her situation. Reading Hoover’s novel is not just entertaining, but is also a learning experience.



Since this novel is about domestic abuse, there are many instances of violence in the novel. At times, the characters have been hurt so badly that they require medical attention. Hoover describes the violence in a lot of detail, which is discomforting at times, but it provides a deep insight into the truth surrounding domestic abuse.


Intensity: 7/10
Usage: 5/10

There is frequent usage of swear words in this novel. Words include f*ck, b*tch, wh*re, d*mn, a**hole, and more.



This book focuses on the romantic relationship between Lily and Ryle and is a romance novel. There are a number of kisses that happen, and the two of them get married as well. Additionally, there are other married couples and relationships within the book.

Adult Topics

There are a variety of adult topics within this novel. The novel focuses on domestic abuse and abusive relationships, and there is a lot of violence in the book. Sex scenes are described in detail and one of the couples within this book struggles with infertility as well.

Tvix’s Take

I’ve avoided reading this book for as long as I possibly could, as previous experiences with books off BookTok haven’t gone great. However, this book was truly amazing. I read it in just a few hours. I haven’t previously read anything about domestic abuse, and this was the best exposure to it. My jaw dropped at numerous points in this novel, and the plot twist within this novel was so quick and well done that it truly blew my mind. Contrary to popular opinion, there were definitely points in this novel where I felt like the story was getting a bit slow and boring to read, but overall, I would definitely recommend this book to ANY reader over the age of 18, regardless of the genre they enjoy reading. It truly was an amazing novel, and I’ve learned so much. I have definitely become a Colleen Hoover fan!

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