Ugly Love

Book Name

Ugly Love


Colleen Hoover

Book Description

Tate expects a reasonably normal life when she decides to move in with her older brother—go to work, study for her nursing degree, rinse, and repeat. Until she meets Miles, the most mysterious, intriguing, good-looking specimen of a male she’s ever encountered. Tate is fascinated with Miles, and the attraction they have for each other continues to build, until they finally (non-verbally) admit how captured they are with each other. However, there’s a catch—Miles doesn’t want love. Not one, tiny drop of it. And so, the two continue their physical relationship with absolutely nothing else involved. But love and company aren’t always straightforward, and Tate begins to realize that for herself when she finds herself wanting more and more with Miles. However, something in Miles’ past stops him from going further, something bad enough that he’s willing to jeopardize everything he has with Tate in order to keep it to himself and stop himself from getting hurt again. What is Miles keeping to himself? Will Tate be able to break through the fog that Miles permanently emanates? Read the book to find out!

Age Rating


This book is suited for mature audiences. A majority of the book is centered on build-up for and detailed descriptions of sex scenes between the two main characters (explained more below) which often contain content that isn’t appropriate for younger readers. Additionally, the latter parts of the novel contain a detailed description of a greatly traumatic event that one of the characters went through (no details so that there aren’t any spoilers!), which may be off-putting for certain readers that haven’t fully matured yet. Additionally, this book probes the idea of incest, which may be an entirely new concept for certain younger readers and might make them greatly uncomfortable, especially since it isn’t a gentle introduction whatsoever. However, this book also serves as a great example of managing relationships alongside successful careers, which students may be beginning to experience for themselves.

Good Messages


There are a ton of good messages within this book. The most important message that I recognized was the characters’ incredible work-relationship balance. Both the main characters have successful careers that they prioritize at all times. However, they are simultaneously able to work through the emotional ups and downs of their relationship and find happiness with each other. Additionally, the book conveys some important lessons about managing trauma and heartbreak. 



There isn’t very much violence within this book. There is one description of a character getting punched and a poetic description of a car crash, but nothing else.


Intensity: 0/10
Usage: 0/10

There is no explicit language used within this book.



This book was intended to be a romance novel, so the entirety of the novel is centered around the romance of two main characters and the past relationship of one of the main characters.

Adult Topics

There are quite a few adult topics within this novel. This book contains many descriptive sex scenes and implications of the general sex lives of other characters. Additionally, one of the romances within the book is a story of “incest”. The word is in quotation marks as it isn’t quite traditional incest, but it does progress in a similar fashion (no details because it would ruin a large plot twist).

Tvix’s Take

I am not a Colleen Hoover fan. There. I said it. I hope this doesn’t deter you from ever returning to my site. However, I’ve begun to read her books just to see what all the hype is about, and I definitely agree with one thing that the writing community says about her: she’s one of the most magnificent fiction writers I’ve ever read. The sheer beauty she threads within her words captures the reader, and I found myself hooked on her plot and the stunning lines she dropped within this book. Ugly Love is cliche: that is a fact that must be established. The typical “only sex, no feelings turns into hard-hitting love of a lifetime” storyline has been done countless times before. However, I enjoyed the creative takes on it: the plotline of Miles’ past was especially well-done, and my jaw did drop when I read about the catch. Typical Hoover: it’s always too good to be true, and she more than proved that in this novel. There were some gorgeous quotes in there: I particularly loved “she loved me back to life.” Oh, to find something like that. Overall, I think this book is a casual, fun read, especially for those who really just want some light romance. Well, not really: the many, many sex scenes were… detailed. Well done, though, Mrs. Hoover. I read it in one sitting, but I think that was just because I was done with finals and in desperate need to read something other than psychological research papers. Would I recommend this book? Probably: It’s a good book. Is it one of my favorites? Nope. 

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